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Making a new claim or existing claim enquiries:

  • Where possible, have your policy number and expiry date with you before you contact us.
  • Contact the specialist motorcycle claims team as soon as possible. Phone 1300 365 354, fax 1300 361 210, email
  • Obligations - as the insured party, you have an obligation to take appropriate action to limit or prevent further damage after the initial incident.
  • Where required to do so by law, or if the incident is significant, report all matters to the Police.
  • If your bike is unable to be ridden, or if you feel it may sustain further damage if ridden, please call for a tow truck. If you have gotten your bike home after an incident, call QBE and we will arrange for a motorcycle specialist to collect your bike and take it to a recommended bike repairer.
  • If you are unable to contact QBE, please deliver your bike at the nearest secure location and contact us as soon as possible.