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Code of Practice

The General Insurance Code of Practice

QBE Australia is a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice.

The code aims to:

  • Commit us to high standard of service
  • Promote better, more informed relations between us and you
  • Maintain and promote trust and confidence in the general insurance industry
  • Provide fair and effective mechanisms for the resolution of complaints and disputes between us and you
  • Promote continuous improvement of the general insurance industry through education and training.

Resolving Complaints & Disputes

At QBE we’re committed to providing you with quality products and delivering the highest level of service.

We also do everything we can to safeguard your privacy and the confidentially of your personal information.

Something not right?

We know sometimes there might be something you’re not totally happy about, whether it be about our staff, representatives, products, services or how we’ve handled your personal information.

Step 1 – Talk to us

If there’s something you’d like to talk to us about, or if you’d like to make a complaint, speak to one of our staff. When you make a complaint pleas provide as much information as possible. They’re ready to help resolve your issue.

You can contact our Customer Care Unit directly to make your complaint. Our aim is to resolve all complaints within 15 business days.

Step 2 – Escalate your complaint

If we haven’t responded to your complaint within 15 days, of if you’re not happy with how we’ve tried to resolve it, you can ask for your complain to be escalated for an Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) review by a Dispute Resolution Specialist.

The Dispute Resolution Specialist will provide QBE’s final decision within 15 business days or your complain being escalated, unless they’ve requested and you’ve agreed to give us more time.

Step 3 – Still not resolved?

If you’re not happy with the final decision, or we’ve taken more than 45 days to respond to your from the day you make your first complain, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service Australia (FOS Australia). FOS Australian is an ASIC approved external dispute resolution body.

FOS Australia resolves insurance disputes between consumers and insurance, at no cost to you. QBE is bound by FOS Australia’s decisions – but you’re not. You can contact FOS Australia directly and they’ll advise you if your dispute falls within their Terms of Reference.

Disputes not covered by the FOS Australia Terms of Reference

If your dispute doesn’t fall within the FOS Australian Terms of reference, and you’re not satisfied with our decision that you may wish to seek independent legal advice.

Privacy complaints

If you’re not satisfied with our final decision and it relates to your privacy or how we’ve handled your personal information, you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissions (OAIC).

A claim may be refused

QBE may refuse to pay or reduce the amount they pay under a claim if you do not comply with the policy conditions, if you do not comply with your Duty of Disclosure or make a misrepresentation, or if you make a fraudulent claim.

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